Engaging in school is critical to ensure the success of a child's future!

    The Newaygo County STAY IN SCHOOL team is a partnership with school districts, law enforcement agencies, courts, state and federal agencies to support youth and their families to be engaged at school.

    Truancy, or unexcused absence from school, has become a major problem in communities across the nation. While creating an obvious threat to students' academic progress, truant behavior also serves as a strong indicator of problems in many other domains of a young person's life (e.g., peers, family, community).

    The STAY IN SCHOOL team supports Newaygo County schools and families in keeping kids in school.

    Truancy Prevention: Research and Resources

    National Center for School Engagement: Truancy Prevention
    U.S. Department of Justice: Truancy Reduction

    Compulsory Attendance Law

    Michigan School Code: School Attendance (Act 451)