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    Kent ISD - Our School Data - Information Gathering to Obtain Results

    Our School Data is the main Data Warehouse being used by all Newaygo County schools.

    Our School Data (OSD) is the replacement for IGOR.  Please review the below information carefully before requesting access.

    What is the process for getting an account to Our School Data?

    • Each district is responsible for providing FERPA/HIPAA training to all new staff via Global Services, SET/SEG, and/or NC RESA FERPA/HIPAA resources per state/federal requirements.
    • Our School Data (OSD) Designee will provide NC RESA training resources to each staff member.
    • After successful completion of FERPA/HIPAA training the LEA data warehouse designee will provide Our School Data (OSD) login and password to staff.
    • NC RESA/NCATS will serve as liaison to Kent ISD for all OSD troubleshooting and data uploads to the data warehouse.
    • On an annual basis NCRESA will provide list of active users to each OSD designee for verification of users and required access. OSD designee will communicate any adds/moves/changes back to NC RESA staff.
    • NC RESA will annually evaluate system usage and seek feedback from districts regarding training needs.

     If you have any questions please contact Joel Phillips, NC RESA Director of Technology, (231)924.8876

    MI School Data / DATA For Student Success - Data 4SS

    MI School Data

    MI School Data provides views of Michigan education data to help make informed educational decisions, to help improve instruction and to enable school systems to prepare a higher percentage of students to succeed in rigorous high school courses, college and challenging careers.  Over time MI School Data will be expanded to provide you with more data, more reports and more ways to access the information important to you.  We invite you to learn more about Michigan's schools through MI School Data website.

    Awarded through the Center for Educational Performance and Information (CEPI), the Data for Student Success project was funded by a Federal Title II Part D grant and is lead by Calhoun ISD in partnership with the Michigan Department of Education and CEPI. The Newaygo County RESA is a participating member in the Data for Student Success Project.  

    Data for Student Success is about using data already provided to the State as a starting point, then encouraging local leaders to dig deep into that data. They can then use the data for decision support and even export it to compliment local data warehousing solutions that provide current localized information, such as unique local assessments.

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Maintaining Confidentiality

  • MI School Data and the Newaygo County Data Warehouse (OurSchoolData) has aggregate and student level data. Access to both warehouse systems is given by special permission and needs to be handled in the strictest of confidence. It is important to review confidentiality of data rules.