•  Expectations of the Early College program

    • Meeting expectations: While earning an associate degree, ECNC students will also commit to attending a summer orientation during each summer of the program and attend regularly scheduled cohort meetings each year of the program.


    • Transportation: For the first two years, the Career-Tech Center bussing is available for many classes offered at NC RESA. During the 13th year, transportation to MCC’s Muskegon campus will need to be covered by the student and/ or family.


    • College classes: Students will take a combination of high school and college courses during the first two years in the program. In grade 11, college classes will take place in the afternoon. In grade 12, college classes will occur in the morning. During the 13th year, classes might be held on MCC’s Muskegon campus, online, or at NC RESA. All ECNC students follow MCC's academic calendar.


    • MEMCA certificate: The MEMCA technical certificate is an official document that verifies a student’s successful completion of the ECNC program. Requirements for the certificate include the following: completion of the state of Michigan high school graduation requirements, attendance and participation in all student orientations and cohort meetings, successful completion of (non-remedial) college courses, and achieving all community service and career exploration hours as outlined in the ECNC handbook.


    • High school activities: ECNC encourages students to be fully engaged in their high school programs, participate in sports and any other extracurricular activities students are interested in, walk at their high school graduation ceremony, and apply and receive local scholarships. However, ECNC students are not allowed to play high school sports their 13th year but can participate in inter-mural sports at MCC.



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  • How has this program impacted your student's future?

    "He'll be effectively starting at the university as a junior when the rest of his classmates are sophomores, which means he'll enter the work force a year sooner. He also won't be drowning in student debt when he graduates." 2016 Cohort Parent

    "I have watched my student mature greatly over the past three years. It will help her transition to Central Michigan University. She will be an extremely adjusted freshman with junior status."
    2016 Parent Cohort