• Frequently Asked Questions

    • Will my student be able to walk with his/her class during their high school graduation?

    ECNC program encourages students to be fully engaged in their high school program and participate in sports, music commitments, extracurricular high school activities that are important to them.

    • Is my student still eligible for scholarships?

    Yes. Along with the high school, we encourage and support your student to complete their local Gerber Foundation and Fremont Area Community Foundation scholarship applications during grade 12.

    • Can my student participate in sports during their 13th year?

    Students are not allowed to participate in high school sports during their 13th year. However, ECNC students can play inter-mural sports at Muskegon Community College.

    • When does, my student apply to their transfer college?

    We encourage and provide support to your student during the fall of their 13th year to complete both a Free Application for Federal Student Aid as well as their college applications.

    • I homeschool my student, is s/he eligible to participate?

    The Early College partnership is between MCC and each local district in Newaygo County. We recommend connecting with a local high school to discuss your interest in the Early College program and the steps necessary for your student to participate in ECNC.

    • How is Early College different than dual enrollment?

    You earn more than just college credits and a degree. Students in the program become a cohort of learners experiencing college together. With supportive staff encouraging their success, ECNC offers students the chance to network, grow professionally, learn employability skills, and learn how to navigate college resources.