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    The purpose of Evidence-Based Grading is to ensure a student's grade truly reflects their learning.  We, at the Newaygo County Career-Tech Center, believe that Evidence-Based Grading provides endurance, leverage, and readiness for our students to be employable.  Our center acknowledges business and industry desires for employees to be self-directed, accountable, and reliable.  Evidence-Based Grading inherently satisfies these needs.


    Through a trauma-informed lens, one of our three focus areas is Evidence-Based Grading.  We value learning from our mistakes through an environment that is relational, conversational, and clear.  We also value for our learners to have relevant, hands-on experiences with continuous practice and feedback loops, inclusive of their instructors and peers.


    The Evidence-Based Grading system provides an environment that promotes personal ownership of a student's learning and growth.  Evidence-Based Grading is an evaluation method that measures a student's proficiency in each identified Essential Competency Area for the course.  An Essential Competency Area is a set of related knowledge, skills, and behaviors that together allow an individual to perform effectively.