1 Aug. 2022 to 14 Sep. 2022- District GAD Appeals Window

    Review your graduation rates and submit corrections (new graduations through 31 August, etc. within MSDS)

    10 Oct. 2022- Receive GAD Audit requests from your auditor

    If your building is being field audited this year, the ISD auditor must also audit the GAD. Expect to receive a list of students to be audited.  Documentation must be provided to confirm the graduation status by the auditor. (GAD Acceptable Exit Status Documentation)

    10 Nov. 2022- Submit requested documentation on students for the GAD Audit

    If you missed changing or updating a graduation status during the appeals window, submit an Audit Exit Request form for those students. The auditor will be able to update those students during the audit window. (GAD Exit Status Request Form)