• Welcome to Promise Zone!

    The Newaygo County Area Promise Zone Authority Board is an eleven-member board created under the authority granted by the Michigan Promise Zone Authority Act to supervise and control the Newaygo County Area Promise Zone Authority. Nine members of the Board were approved by the NC RESA Board of Education. The remaining two members, Holly Moon and Dr. Lori Tubbergen Clark, were appointed by the Legislature.

    The Promise Zone Authority Board is charged with deciding the details of the program including:  who will be eligible, how many years of college will be funded, which college(s) students must attend, and how the money will be raised.

    The Promise Zone must first raise enough funds to promise at least a two-year degree to students within its boundaries. The State then will allow zones to capture half of the growth in state education property taxes in their communities.

    Promise Zones must foot the bill for two years, proving they can sustain the scholarship program, before the State will release the captured tax money.

    By law, Promise Zones must provide money to students who live in the district and graduate from any high school within its boundaries. This does not include home-schooled students or School of Choice students who live in the district and attend school elsewhere. Those are considered optional populations, which the board must decide whether to include.

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