• Education and Activity Center (EAC)


    Education & Activity Center Building

    The Education and Activity Center provides programming for students with disabilities, including students with Severe Multiple Impairments, Moderate Cognitive Impairments and Transition programming for students aged 18-26. Our facility works to engage students in meaningful learning opportunities that enhance their ability to become independent, functional members of the community.

    For more information about programs and services available at the Education and Activity Center (EAC), or to arrange a tour, please contact the main office. For a description of the processes and procedures for considering programming at the EAC, please see documentation below. To access a copy of our Parent Handbook, please documentation below.


    Students with Severe Multiple Impairments

    • For students who demonstrate more profound physical and cognitive needs, the SXI program assists students in reaching goals focusing on their environment, mobility and appropriate functional skills.

    Students with Moderate Cognitive Impairments

    • Students in the program for MOCI work toward greater independence through academic and functional activities. Students work toward goals in areas that include daily living skills, basic academics, appropriate behavior, community participation and campus work-based activities.

    Transition Students

    • NC RESA partners with local districts, students and families, community representatives and employers in the development and implementation of effective transition services. Transition services assist students with preparation as they move from the school environment into employment or post-secondary education. Because young people with disabilities have different levels of impairments and capabilities, transition planning provides for diverse and flexible opportunities to meet a variety of student needs.


    Our curriculum is aligned to the Common Core Essential Elements, Extended Grade Level Content Expectations and the Head Start Framework. In addition, the Education and Activity Center utilizes a wide variety of resources and materials to meet the unique needs of our students. SMART Board technology is available in each classroom.

    Unique Learning Systems Logo  Unique Learning System is an online, interactive, standards-based curriculum specifically designed for students with special needs. Unique Learning System's curriculum provides a way for special education instruction to include ALL students in the same activity, with different levels of expectation.

    Mobility Opportunities via Education Logo  The MOVE (Mobility Opportunities via Education) Program is designed to help people with severe disabilities learn the skills needed to sit, stand, walk and transition. Combining natural body mechanics with instruction, learning occurs while students are engaged in real life activities.

    Raz-Kids Logo  Raz-Kids.com delivers hundreds of leveled eBooks spanning 27 levels of difficulty, covering a wide range of subjects. At the same time, teachers can view reports and track student progress every step of the way. Mobil technology is available within each classroom to allow students ease of access.

    Channel One News Logo  Channel One News provides daily news shows and supplementary educational materials that are aligned to Common Core Standards (CSS) and designed to help students, teachers and parents interpret the news and spark important conversations.

    SMART ExchangeLogo SMART Teacher Exchange provides educators a platform for sharing captivating, interactive resources that inspire student learning. Each download contains a standards-correlated interactive digital lesson and assessments that utilizes the power of SMART Notebook software.