• Graphic Communications

    Design logos, advertisements, brochures, & MORE. Create and screen print your own t-shirts. Design and print your own graduation announcements! If you are creative or artistic-this is the place for you!

    • Learn illustration, design, web design, digital photography, video production, and computer graphics 
    • State-of-the-art computers, software and other specialized equipment 
    • Simulated and live production jobs 
    • Opportunities to compete in various local, state, and national contests 
    • Instruction and practice in all areas of offset lithography and screen printing 
    • Experience and training using the Adobe Creative Suite 
    • Learn to use pre-press equipment, offset printing presses, four-color screen printing press, and post-press bindery equipment 
    • Operate a real printing business

    Earn credits toward college! 


    Instructor: Doug Clink 

    Parapro:     Monique Hunt