School-Based LPN (2 positions available)

School-Based LPN (2 positions available)

Date Posted: 8/6/2019 Closing Date for Outside Candidates: until filled
Starting Date: as soon as possible Closing Date for Internal Candidates: 8/13/2019
    (Internal Candidates will be considered before outside candidates)  
Salary Range: $18.45-$23.58/hour    
Reports To: Supervisor of Center-Based Programs  
Terms: school year/full time     
  • Shall have graduated from an accredited nursing program with an Associate’s degree.
  • Shall be a licensed LPN in the State of Michigan.
  • Must have valid Michigan certification as a Professional School Nurse (or the ability to obtain such certification).
  • Must be CPR, CPI and AED certified.
  • Shall have a minimum of three years nursing experience, including one year in a long-term care facility.
  • Must have the ability to use clinic/medical equipment.
  • Must possess basic pharmacological knowledge.
  • Must be able to assess emergency situations and act accordingly.
  • Must have knowledge of universal precautions/procedures.
  • Shall be self-sufficient and require a minimum of supervision or assistance in performing job duties.
  • Demonstrated ability to work and relate with students, parents, staff, employers and the community.
  • Must possess a valid driver’s license.
Essential Functions:

Essential duties shall include but not be limited to:


  • Observes special education students assigned to staff member on a regular basis to detect health needs.
  • Assist School Nurse to provide staff training on screening students for health defects, medication distribution, emergency medical procedures, Epi-pens, bloodborne pathogens, etc.
  • Administers medication and treatment prescribed by physicians for students assigned to her.
  • Work in collaboration with the school-based RN and SXI classroom teacher to complete appropriate assessment, planning, intervention, evaluation, management, and referral activities for students.
  • In collaboration with the school-based RN and SXI classroom teacher conducts parent conferences and maintains liaison between physicians, parents and staff.
  • When appropriate Makes recommendations to primary care physician on health needs of individual students.
  • Maintains up-to-date cumulative health records on all students requiring nursing intervention.
  • When appropriate and in collaboration with school-based RN and Classroom teacher reports to parents, school personnel, physicians, clinics and other agencies on student health matters; and will attend building, staff and parent meetings, participate in parent conferences, perform housekeeping tasks and communication to parents.
  • Assumes authority in absence of a physician, for the care of a student who has suffered an injury or emergency illness.
  • Is directly responsible for the immediate medical attention of students when appropriate; and care for the students' physical needs (changing clothes, feeding, lifting, tube feeding, suctioning, catheterization, etc.)
  • Administers first aid in accordance with established first aid procedures for students she oversees.
  • Implements board policy on exclusion and readmission of students in connection with infectious and contagious diseases.
  • Conducts training for students related to handicap, health and hygiene when appropriate.
  • Assists school personnel in maintaining sanitary standards in the school.
  • Collaborates with other staff to assure health and safety of students assigned to school-based LPN, and assist with the implementation of individual student behavior management plans.
  • Implement and record required screening programs; notify parents when further medical evaluation is indicated.
  • Initiate emergency procedures for students and staff as needed.
  • Develop Individual Health Care Plans for 504 Plans for students on a case by case basis.
  • Orient staff and teach specific medical procedures for the evaluation and maintenance of the medically involved student in the classroom.
  • Provide health education and anticipatory counseling when appropriate.
  • Follow procedures for suspected cases of child abuse and neglect.
  • Act as a liaison between the school, home health department professionals, and other community agencies.
  • Maintain equipment and assess the need for consumable supplies on an annual basis.
  • Manage the process for third party billing with Medicaid to obtain reimbursement for skilled nursing care.
  • Assist in daily classroom routines (i.e., dressing, toileting) and facilitate student participation in activities by helping students who may be having difficulty in understanding.
  • Assist the teacher by carrying out, under the supervision and direction of the teacher, group or individualized instruction, remediation, or guided practice and data collection; and supervise students during field trips, community-based instruction, and other daily activities.
  • Prepare classroom materials, assist the teacher in preparation of daily lesson plans, operate technology equipment, make instructional charts, assist with room inventory, record attendance, duplicate materials, prepare bus lists, record lunch and milk money and/or other funds, file materials, records, letters, and other activities as assigned by the classroom teacher.
Apply To:

Send cover letter, resume and completed application to:

Dr. Lori Tubbergen Clark, Superintendent
Newaygo County RESA
4747 W. 48th Street
Fremont, MI  49412


If you have questions, please contact the NC RESA Human Resources Department at 231.924.8853.